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Aix reserve disk policies

chdev -l hdiskX -a reserve_policy=no_reserve
no_reserve: Input/Output can be sent from all the pahts of the MPIO device. This is the default for SDDPCM
For HDLM: Ignores a reservation and does not reserve a LUN (for VIO and RAC this is needed)

exclusive host access: only 1 path can be selected with fail_over. When the active path fails, thealternative path is selected
PR_exclusive: a uniques PR_key is set for this host. Other hosts with different PR_key cannot access.
I/O is routed to all path of the MPIO device, because all paths are registered with the same PR_key.
In a non-concurrent HACMP environment this should be selected.

PR_shared: A PR_key is registered, but it can be accessed by other hosts.
In a concurrent HACMP environment this should be used.
(chdev -l hdiskX -a PR_key_value=0x1234 -a reserve_policy=PR_shared)

The default attribute of reserve_policy of the hdlm driver is PR_exclusive. This is set automatically during cfgmgr to the ODM.
Because of the virtualisation requirements, we have to change it to “no_reserve”.
So the chdev command sets a SCSI reservation(PR_exclusive) to change the attribute.
All LPARs, which are writing exact at this moment to this disk will receive not-recoverable errors (The virtualisation disk outage

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