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Cpu usage diagnose

Top 10 processes most recently on the CPU, generally this is USer time
# ps -fe | sort -nk4 | tail

Top 20 kernel processes most recently on the CPU, generally this is SYstem time
# ps -fk | sort -nk4 | grep -v -e wait -e sched -e swapper | tail -22

Biggest Kernel offenders I see are generally, lrud, j2pg, vtiol.
LRUD = Scanning for free memory and freeing pages. Can be tuned.
J2PG = I think is something to do with JFS2 pages. Maybe something to do
with seaching the JFS2 cache for pages and/or reading JFS2 pages (pageIn/Out).
VTIOL = Something to do with offloading iodones from the adapter to the CPU.

# Top 20 Kernel and User processes who have consumed the most CPU since process started.
# ps guw | head -22

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Habilitar e desabilitar o Audit no AIX

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Habilitar e desabilitar o Audit no AIX

1 – audit off
2 – audit shutdown
3 – audit on

Caso a opção 1 e 2 não funcione, use o comando #> /audit/trail

e inicie o audit.

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Excluindo espaço em branco de arquivos

Excluindo espaço em branco de arquivos

No linux
#sed -i ‘/^$/d’ file.txt

No Unix
#sed -e ‘/^$/d’ file.txt > file_sem_espaco.txt

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10 processos que mais estão consumindo memória.

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10 processos que mais estão consumindo memória.

$svmon -Pt15 | perl -e ‘while(<>){print if($.==2||$&&&!$s++);$.=0 if(/^-+$/)}’; date 

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Listando processos com wchan

Listando  processos com wait channel do kernel.


ps -eopid,tt,user,fname,tmout,f,wchan


Apagando linhas em branco no Linux / Unix

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Comando para o VI

GNU Linux
sed -i ‘/^$/d’ arquivo.txt

Unix -> AIX / HPUX / Solaris
sed ‘/^$/d’ arquivo.txt > arquivo_sem_linhas.txt

Site sobre AIX e Linux

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Site sobre AIX e Linux:


Sites sobre AIX:




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